• CVBexpo2019

    poniedziałek, 16, wrzesień 2019 09:23

    | EVENTS |Last weekend IRSAP participated in cvbexpo2019 of Commerciale Veneta Beltrame, in the splendid location of Villa Emo in Fanzolo di...

  • TEDx 2019
    TEDx 2019

    piątek, 13, wrzesień 2019 08:00

    | EVENTS |Also this year IRSAP is sponsor of TEDx Rovigo!Life is our true journey, and it is up to us to be the creators of the path!What is your...

  • Contribution to the study 2019
    Contribution to the study 2019

    środa, 11, wrzesień 2019 08:30

    Also this year the school excellence award for the year 2019 was held.IRSAP has always encouraged the study, commitment and good will of the...

  • DJ ARCH NIGHT 2019
    DJ ARCH NIGHT 2019

    piątek, 06, wrzesień 2019 08:45

    | EVENTS |DJ ARCH NIGHT 2019 | Parties at design showrooms with architects as DJs.Milan | 18 September h 8.00 PM On Wednesday 18th of September the...

  • Orimono RedDot Yearbook 2019/2020
    Orimono RedDot Yearbook 2019/2020

    środa, 04, wrzesień 2019 07:00

    | AWARDS |It is a pleasure to come back from vacation and find on the desk the RedDot Yearbook with our Orimono, winner of RedDot Award 2019,...


    wtorek, 03, wrzesień 2019 09:20

    | EVENTS |On September 26 and 27, ARCHITECT@WORK will take place in the Paris Event Center.Meet our team at CORNER 98 and discover ORIMONO, our new...

  • Mulhouse installers
    Mulhouse installers

    środa, 17, lipiec 2019 09:07

    | MEETING |Last week, a group of French installers from the "Groupe d'installateurs de Mulhouse" association came to visit our factories, the museum...

  • Udine Meeting
    Udine Meeting

    czwartek, 11, lipiec 2019 14:34

    | TRAINING |On July 9, at the Hotel Là di Moret in Udine, the meeting on Adaptive Climatic Ventilation took place, where Easy Clima was illustrated...

  • CEDEO visit
    CEDEO visit

    piątek, 05, lipiec 2019 06:00

    | MEETING |Yesterday a group of CEDEO's French customers came to visit our factories. They then visited the museum and multifunctional...


    poniedziałek, 01, lipiec 2019 14:52

    Irsap strengthens its presence in Italy with the inauguration of the Rome Showroom.The exhibition space of about 250 square meters is located on the...

  • Pretty Run 2019
    Pretty Run 2019

    poniedziałek, 17, czerwiec 2019 09:33

    | EVENTS |It 'was a beautiful pink party! Over 1200 runners along the streets of the center of Rovigo for the fourth edition of Pretty Run, in favor...

  • VMC last summer session
    VMC last summer session

    środa, 12, czerwiec 2019 09:51

    | TRAINING |Yesterday, a group of designers from various regions of Italy, were lucky enough to attend the course on Adaptive Climatic Ventilation,...

  • Open Yards Piacenza
    Open Yards Piacenza

    poniedziałek, 03, czerwiec 2019 09:33

    | EVENT |On May 17th the "open yards" event was held with the presentation of an Easy Clima adaptive climatic ventilation system. 15 engineers,...

  • Adaptive Climatic Ventilation Perugia architects
    Adaptive Climatic Ventilation Perugia architects

    czwartek, 30, maj 2019 14:24

    | TRAINING |The course on Adaptive Climatic Ventilation was held on Wednesday 29th. A group of architects from Perugia were able to learn the...

  • Experience Showroom
    Experience Showroom

    wtorek, 28, maj 2019 10:15

    | TRAINING | The Irsap Experience training event took place today.Present our showroom operators from Sardinia, Campania, Liguria, Tuscany, Trentino...


    poniedziałek, 27, maj 2019 09:07

    | EVENTS |On June 5 and 6, ARCHITECT@WORK will take place in the Parc Chanot de Marseille.Meet our team at CORNER 69 and discover ORIMONO, our new...

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