• Veleziana 2017
    Veleziana 2017

    Viernes, 20 Octubre 2017 11:20

    We won! On Sunday, October 15, MaxiJena (the IRSAP-sponsored boat) won for the third time the Veleziana, the queen of the high seas cruises in...

  • Living - Corriere della Sera
    Living - Corriere della Sera

    Miércoles, 18 Octubre 2017 08:56

    | ABOUT US | Corriere della Sera, in a Living article, talks about the new #shapes and #finishes of #modern #radiators and how they can #reduce...

  • Meeting Climart
    Meeting Climart

    Viernes, 13 Octubre 2017 09:23

    | TRAINING | Yesterday, at Climart showroom, our Area Manager Michelangelo Nasca, discussed in detail various topics including regulatory, system...

  • IRSAP ha elegido DomuS3D®
    IRSAP ha elegido DomuS3D®

    Jueves, 12 Octubre 2017 15:37

    DomuS3D® es el software de diseño más utilizado para el diseño de interiores, elegido y aconsejado por los mayores fabricantes de materiales de...

  • Training

    Miércoles, 11 Octubre 2017 09:34

    Last week, IRSAP joined in a training event at Termoidraulica Sironi. "Comfort and well-being in the bathroom environment" has generated training...

  • Meeting Basone
    Meeting Basone

    Miércoles, 11 Octubre 2017 06:20

    On October 11, at our customer Basone SRL, a meeting was held with the participation of 45 installers. Our Area Manager Michelangelo Nasca has...

  • IRSAP @ Barcolana
    IRSAP @ Barcolana

    Lunes, 09 Octubre 2017 09:38

    | EVENTS | IRSAP sponsors the boat coming second at 49 ^ Barcolana #Barcolana #Barcolana49...


    Miércoles, 27 Septiembre 2017 16:22

    IRSAP and IED Roma together to innovate #design #innovation #now #neverendingprogress

  • BEMM joins Irsap group
    BEMM joins Irsap group

    Viernes, 22 Septiembre 2017 10:37

    Irsap Group, one of the greatest European leading company in the heating and conditioning sector continues its run of investments and acquisitions...

  • Contribution to the study 2017
    Contribution to the study 2017

    Martes, 19 Septiembre 2017 11:37

    Last week was held the awarding of the school's excellencies of the year 2017. IRSAP supports the study, the effort and goodwill of our employees'...

  • DJ ARCH NIGHT | 2017
    DJ ARCH NIGHT | 2017

    Lunes, 18 Septiembre 2017 09:14

    DJ ARCH NIGHT | 2017 On September 19th in Milan there will be Dj Arch Night! For one night DJs are the architects of over 40 Milanese studios, who...

  • INDIZAJN 2017
    INDIZAJN 2017

    Viernes, 15 Septiembre 2017 08:30

    | EVENTS | IRSAP is present at the fair "INDIZAJN - FESTIVAL MODERNOG DOMA" in Zagreb from 14 to 17 September with our distributor Petrokov. Come...

  • TEDx Rovigo 2017
    TEDx Rovigo 2017

    Miércoles, 30 Agosto 2017 11:26

    | EVENTS | What would you do if you had more time? Time is how we decide to live it. TEDx Rovigo 2017 invites you to a world where every hour,...

  • UK Sales Force Meeting
    UK Sales Force Meeting

    Jueves, 20 Julio 2017 11:18

    "Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people". Steve Jobs Special thanks and a warm "goodbye" to our...


    Lunes, 10 Julio 2017 09:57

    Premiado con el Red Dot Design Award 2017 El modelo FACE ZERO, fruto de la colaboración entre Irsap y el diseñador Antonio Citterio, ha sido...

  • RedDot Award Winner 2017
    RedDot Award Winner 2017

    Martes, 04 Julio 2017 11:06

    | AWARDS | El Red Dot Design Award 2017 fué entregado el 3 July en Essen, Germany. El modelo FACE ZERO_AIR de IRSAP fue galardonado con el "RedDot...

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