29 Junio 2018
| EVENTS | Irsap, in collaboration with Ceramica Sant'Agostino, Effegibi and Vismaravetro, organizes two events at the H2OTTO exhibition space thanks to Towant. In these two summer evenings, Thursday 5 July and Thursday 12 July, various architecture studios will "compete" in double video interviews....
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28 Junio 2018
| AWARD | Organized by MUUUZ, in collaboration with D'A magazine, the Muuuz International Awards (MIAW) reward every year products that stand out for their technical characteristics, innovation and design. The editorial staff of Muuuz has studied more than 2,200 new products from almost 350 manufact...
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27 Junio 2018
| AWARD | After being selected by a jury, our FACE Zero and ORIMONO products were registered for the international GERMAN DESIGN AWARD 2019. A new challenge to win! #germandesignaward2019 #germancouncil #nominee #award #nomination #madeinitaly #calore #designer #arredo #riscaldamento #heating #radia...
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Meeting VMC

25 Junio 2018
| MEETING | Last week a meeting was held with a select group of Calabrian architects and designers who visited the production plant, the showroom and the museum area, focusing their attention on the controlled Mechanical Ventilation Products. A convivial moment was held at the Caffè Pedrocchi of Pad...
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Meeting Bemm

25 Junio 2018
| MEETING | On Friday there was a meeting with Bemm and R-F hermania who visited the production plant, the showroom and the museum area. The protagonists also participated in a visit to Venice, moment of union of the group. #heatingsystems #riscaldamento #formazione #training #heating #training #reg...
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Vitrina Fair 2018

20 Junio 2018
29-30.05.2018 in St. Petersburg took place the annual design summit - Vitrina Fair 2018, organized by the company Aquarius. Within two days, the most relevant topics related to interior design were covered. The company IRSAP together with the well-known designer Olga Podolskaya opened the topic "Hea...
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About us

18 Junio 2018
Infobuild Energia has written an excellent article on our EasyClima: Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery and Air Conditioning. A single system for summer and winter. The true Climatic Ventilation all the year.
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French distributors meeting

15 Junio 2018
| MEETING | Distributori e installatori francesi sono venuti a visitare ieri la nostra sede per conoscere lo stabilimento produttivo, la showroom e l'area museale. Il percorso ha illustrato le fasi della lavorazione dei prodotti e la storia dell'azienda dalla fondazione ad oggi. #heatingsystems #ris...
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Architects Meeting

14 Junio 2018
| MEETING | Yesterday a meeting was held with some Polish architects who visited the production plant, the showroom and the museum area. They have been provided with the most detailed information on our products: radiators, towel rails and design radiators "La Collezione". The event was held in pers...
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Green Approach

13 Junio 2018
| ENVIROMENT | GREEN APPROACH: PROTECT THE ENVIRONMENT TO MAKE IT AVAILABLE TO EVERYONE Efficiency and energy saving of Irsap products, the answer to the new needs of comfort, aesthetics, functionality and green spirit in creating "sustainable" products have always represented the group's values. A...
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IRSAP para el medio ambiente

La producción fotovoltaica
Potencia actual
261,40 kW
Energía producida
10.085.971,87 kWh
Emisiones CO2
5.355,65 t